Brief History

The Student Career and Welfare Office (SCWO) was established in June 2016 as an expansion to the Student Resource and Development Secretariat (SRDS). Formed in 2004, the secretariat focused in providing assistance to Singaporean students pursuing Islamic education at overseas tertiary institutions.

What started as a small secretariat grew to a full office in SCWO, serving a larger student population with the following expanded roles:

  • Knowledge Builder of Overseas Tertiary Islamic Education: Provides key and credible information to students, parents and public on tertiary institutions overseas that offer Islamic studies.

  • Developer and Connector: Assume a proactive role in assisting students in their professional development.

  • Welfare Arm: Attend to student's welfare and their well-being while overseas.

Students traditionally pursue their tertiary Islamic education at universities and institutions located in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) and Southeast Asian (SEA) regions. Our Student Liaison officers (SLO), based overseas or otherwise, serve as students’ point of contacts and assist in matters such as admissions, professional development and guidance.