Verification of Documents


Verification of Documents SCWO

Personal documents and academic certificates of overseas studies applicants need to go through proper legalisation services for the papers to be considered official. The records required from one university to the other may differ from institution to institution and country to country. Applicants are encouraged to scrutinise the university's requirements to ensure smoothness in their application process. SCWO offers complimentary legalisation services for the following documents:


a) Copy of Singapore's madrasah Pre-University certificate

b) Copy of Singapore's madrasah Pre-University transcript 

c) Translation in Arabic of GCE "A" or "O" Levels certificate 

d) Translation in Arabic of Passport Bio Page

e) Translation in Arabic of Birth Certificate 


SCWO does not provide legalisation services for documents issued by a foreign institution or body. If you possess such documents, please approach a Notary Public (any law firm offering notarial services) followed by an additional notarisation by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). The academy's office is at 1 Supreme Court Lane, Level 6, Supreme Court Building, Singapore 178879.


SCWO encourages all prospective students to attend its annual Pre-Departure Programme, where SCWO briefs on such information.


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