Kids aLIVE



This programme provides an introduction to Islam. Students are exposed to the basics of Islam, especially in Aqidah, to anchor their beliefs from a young age.


  • Develop the love for Allah and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w
  • Refer to the Sahabahs and Prophets as examples.
  • Know what is right (Ma'ruf) and what is wrong (Mungkar)
  • Developed the habits to perform solat and good deeds appropriate to their age.
  • Articulate what they have learnt.
  • Love thier famillies, friends, teachers and school.
  • Be able to express and appreciate the beauty of Allah's creaions.
  • Be able to recongnize Arabic letters and read and write basic Arabic.


  • PLAY as the central approach to learning.
  • Thematic learning of islamic values and practices.
  • Developmentally and age-appropriate lessons on islam.
  • Role modelling as an important element of value based learning.
  • A multi sensory approach to inquire, try, see, do, share and reflect.
  • A learning environment that is safe, fun, attractive and motivating.
  • Teacher's and parent's observation of children's learning and development.
  • Smaller teacher to children ratio.
KIDS Year 1 (5 years olds) - Belief in Allah

- Belief in the prophets, angels, Holy Books

- The 2 Kalimah Syahadah

- Know the steps and recitation in solat

- 5 Solat times

- Ramadan and Fasting

- Halal & Haram foods

- Respect their elders

- Help others

- Learn values like respect, responsible, love and ihsan

- Love for Allah, Rasul, self and others

- Being Responsible as a Muslim at home, in school, in the commmunity

- Respect for self and others at Home, in school, in the community

- Learn the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. appropriate to their age

- Prophet Muhammad's s.a.w. life
- Introduction to hija'iyah letters

- Recitation of Iqra

- Recitation and understanding of short; Surah Al-Fatihah, Al-Asr, Al-Ikhlas and Al-Nas
KIDS Year 2 (6 years olds) - Wudu' (steps, methods & types of water for wudu')

- Solat (more details - names, times, direction, readings)

- Azan

- Solat with 2 raka'at (actions & reading)

- Du'a for Parents, Du'a for Forgiveness

- Fasting and Zakat

- Introduction to Hajj
- Peace, respect, responsibility and love

- Responsibility is doing what Allah wants us to do

- Story of Prophet Duad and Jallut

- The story of Dzulqarnain

- "Allah is the Most Powerful. Because Allah is with us, I am not afraid"

- Honesty to self, to others and to Allah

- Prophet Muhammad's qualities - Al-Ameen & Al-Siddiq
- Prophet Nuh

- Prophet Muhammad, Abu Bakr and the Spider

- Prophet Musaa traveled to save his people
- Reading and understanding of Surah Al-Kauthar, Al-Falaq & Al-Nasr

- Iqra reading
KIDS Year 3 (7 years olds) - Pillars of Iman:
  • Name 6 of Allah's angels and their responsibilities
  • Al-Qur'an as the final Revelation from Allah
  • Qiyamah and Akhirah
- Pillars of Islam: Solat
  • Etiquettes related to Solat
  • Azan and Iqamah, Wudu'
  • Sadaqah and Zakat
  • Jamaah prayers
- Fasting
  • Blessings of Ramadhan, Value of obligatory fast, Sahur, Iftar, Taraweeh & Eid prayers
- Hajj, Korban rites & its benefits

- Identifying the importance of the Sunnah and the Hadith

- Daily Du'as and etiquette
- Covering our bodies well (Aurah)

- Etiquette/ Behaviour during Ramadan, Sahur, Zakat & Sadaqah

- Simplicity & Moderation

- Prophet Muhammad's Daily Routine, the difference & similarities

- Concept of feeling contented (Qana'ah)
- Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and His Family

- Story of Prophet Zulkifli & Prophet Syuaib

- Story of Prophet Muhammad way of eating food while sahur and iftar

- Concept of using money wisely: Story of Sahabah giving zakat to prophet Muhammad

- Story of Siti Hajar and Ismael

- Living the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad

- The concept of "Bestt Example" (Uswatun Hasanah)

- Ways to emulate Prophet Muhammad's teachings, habits and daily practices
- Revision of Surahs learnt in K1 & K2

- Reading and understanding of Surah Al-Alaq(1-5) Surah Al-Qadr Surah Al-An'am 162 Surah Al-Ma'um Surah Al-Quraisy

- Iqra reading
KIDS Year 4 (8 years olds) - The compulsory acts of solat

- Taharah - Types of water for Wudu' (revisit)

- Tayammum

- Sunnah acts of solat

- Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene
  • During solat (wudu')
  • Istinkjak
  • Clothing
  • Living conditions
  • Food & drinks
- Being patient and responsible Muslims

- I can cooperate and work with others in unity

- "By being tolerant towards one another, i can make this world a happier place to live in"
- Stories of the prophets- Adam a.s, Idris a.s, Nuh a.s, Hud a.s, Salih a.s, Ibrahim a.s, Luth a.s, Ismail a.s, and Ishak a.a, Ya'kub a.s, Yusuf a.s, Ayub a.s, Zulkfli a.s, Musa a.s, Harun a.s, Daud a.s, Sulaiman a.s, Ilyas a.s, Ilyasa' a.s Yunus a.s, Zakaria a.s, Yahya a.s. & Isa a.s.

- Brief story of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w

- Revision on the stories of the prophets
- Reading and understang of Surah Al-Masad Surah Al-Kafirun, Surah Al-Zalzalah Surah Al-Qari'ah, Surah Al-Humazah Surah Al-fil

- Revison of all surahs