Student Life


Muis-Madrasah Bursary

The Muis-Madrasah Bursary is an scheme that merges PROMAS (Progress Fund Madrasah Assistance Scheme) and LBKM (Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulud) Bursary to provide better support to good performing low-income students in Madrasah. This bursary aims to alleviate the financial burden of school fees, as well as non-fee expenses such as meals, transportation, books, and other school necessities. It is intended to assist deserving students who aspire to become Asatizah but may lack the necessary financial support to pursue their studies in Madrasah.

To qualify for the Muis-Madrasah Bursary, applicants must meet the following criteria:

a. Enrol full-time in any of the 6 full-time Madrasah;

b. Achieve a commendable performance in Arabic and Islamic Studies subjects; and

c. Be a Zakat Recipient.


Singapore Citizens from households with a monthly per-capita income (PCI) not exceeding $1,400.


The application process for the Muis-Madrasah Bursary is overseen by LBKM. Please visit LBKM | Rendering Assistance, Enabling Excellence for more information.


Madrasah Student Awards

The Madrasah Student Awards (MSA) is given yearly to the top 5% of best performing and top 5% of most improved madrasah Singapore Citizen students from each level in secular and religious subjects. The award recipients will be jointly determined by the madrasahs and Muis.