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Student Life


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Muis Engagement Programmes

  • Madrasah sports and games
  • Learning journey
  • Dialogs with Mufti
  • Madrasah Seminar

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Scholarships & Awards

  • Madrasah Student Awards
    • The Madrasah Student Awards is given yearly to the top 5% of best performance and top 5% of best improved awards for secular and religious results. The award recipients will be jointly determined by the Madrasah and Muis.
  • Post Graduate Scholarship
    • The post graduate scholarship aims to develop muslim scholars and learned persons specialising in various fields of study relevant for continuing development of Singapore Muslim Society. Click here to learn more.
  • Colours Awards
    • The colours award are for students who excel in sports and extra curriculum activities. 


Financial Assistance

  • Promas & Promas Awards
    • PROMAS provide financial assistance for students from less privileged families who are studying in the 6 full time madrasahs. Eligible families with a per capita income of not more than $500 are eligible to fee subsidies of at least $540. Depending on the needs of the families, PROMAS also provide other non-fee assistance such as financial assistance for books, uniform, meals and transport expenses of up to $1770.Promas awards recognises academic excellence among needy students of the six full-time Madrasahs..