Our Mosques Today

Our mosques are now significant nodes in the national grid with extensive networks with local and national agencies. Our mosques are also recognised as an effective outreach platform to the Muslim community. Mosques have also extended their outreach beyond the Muslim community. Apart from national agencies such as grassroots organisations and government agencies, mosques are also linked to other partners such as Malay/Muslim Organisations (MMOs), Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs), schools and other religious organisations such as churches and temples. There are also efforts to build trust and confidence through Seasonal programmes such as during Ramadan where mosques organised numerous iftar sessions with grassroots leaders and other partners. Mosques are also involved in CCCs and IRCCs. Many mosques serve as platforms for the Singapore Red Cross to reach out to the Muslim community for its blood donation drive and for Health Promotion Board to promote healthy lifestyle and raise awareness on disease prevention among our community.

Mosques now have more structured and targeted programmes covering Islamic learning for the young and adults, beyond disbursement of zakat financial assistance to low income families as well as various outreach programmes carried out outside the mosques. Other than aLIVE, ADIL and the various programmes for low income families, mosques are also having more self-initiated targeted programmes to meet specific demands. Over the years, Muis in consultation with mosque leaders, have developed governance policy manuals covering board governance, human resource management and development, mosque financial management and control, dakwah programmes and other areas. To ensure good financial management and control, all mosques are now using a common shared financial accounting system and undergo annual financial audits by external auditors.

With the complete implementation of the Enhanced Mosque Cluster system for all mosques in 2013, there is now an emerging cluster identity in the mosque sector. This is a result of regular cluster-wide programmes to build capabilities and bonding among Mosque Management Board (MMB) members and staff from the various mosques in the cluster. These programmes include strategic planning, learning journeys and team building. Mosques in the cluster are involved more in joint programmes and activities at the cluster level and have developed more streamlined processes in providing services to the community.