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For students and researchers on Islam and Muslims, Muis Academy has the following resources:

  • The Occasional Papers Series & Other Publications on Religion, Islam, and Muslims in the Modern World. Browse through this section for the complete selection on what MA has to offer. To request for a copy of Muis Academy’s publications, please email us at: academy@muis.gov.sg

  • Muis Academy also aims to develop our library for books on Islam and Muslims in Southeast Asia. Visit us at the Singapore Islamic Hub, Level 5, 273, Braddell Road, Singapore 579702.

  • An online repository of videos and photos of past events. Visit our official Youtube channel and follow us on Facebook for uploaded videos and summaries and photo galleries of past events.

  • Available here, for your browsing pleasure are online resources that cater to the general public prospective students of Islam, and the researchers of Islamic Studies.