Thriving in a Plural World: Principles and Values of the Singapore Muslim Community

This Publication is a commemoration of Muis' 50th Anniversary. It documents Muis' journey in developing religious thought leadership that shapes a thriving religious life of a Muslim Community of Excellence that radiates blessings to all. The publication articulates anew the Singapore Muslim Identity (SMI), the religious values that underpin it and the new horizons in the socio-religious life of Muslims. It synthesizes key ideas generated from the various discourses organized by Muis in shaping a Gracious Muslim Community of Excellence that inspires and radiates blessings to all. A community that thrives with diversity, and develops a profound religious life and dynamic institutions. Furthermore, it postulates the way forward for a thriving religious community based on continued critical reflection and mindful civic engagement.

The book was launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the International Conference Singapore, The Future of Faith: Religious Values in a Plural World, on 7 November 2018 at Grand Hyatt, Singapore. 

Thriving in a Plural World was researched and written by Dr Basma Abdelgafar, Professor of Public Policy & Vice-President, Maqasid Institute Global. It was edited by Dr Mohammad Hannan Hassan, Vice Dean, Muis Academy & Deputy Director, Capacity Building and Interfaith Engagement, MUIS. In addition, the editorial team included the following members, Dr Nazirudin Mohd Nasir, Senior Director, Religious and Policy Development, MUIS, Mr Zalman Ali, Director, Policy & Strategy, Policy & Corporate Services, MUIS, and Ms Hanna Taufiq Siraj, Assistant Director, Muis Academy and SIC Development, MUIS.

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