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Your PCICS Journey 



Part 1 - ARS Registration

There is no separate application for PCICS. Students who register for ARS will be automatically enrolled into the next available run of PCICS. Click here to register for ARS today! 


Part 2 - PCICS Matriculation

After the ARS registration deadline, successful applicants will receive a matriculation email from Muis Academy on subsequent matriculation processes including WEP application, module registration, and student orientation. For a list of events, you may refer to Calendar and Events.  


Acceptance Record

As a condition of admission, students are required to:

Expressly declare having read, understood, and agreed to abide by the following policies which form their Acceptance Record; and

  1. Student Data Protection & Do-Not-Call Policy
  2. Code of Student Conduct
  3. Acceptable Use Policy for IT Resources
  4. Intellectual Property Policy
  5. Student Confidentiality Agreement
  6. Risk Acknowledgement & Consent 


Medical Declaration

Muis Academy is committed to providing an inclusive and nurturing environment for students with disabilities and special education needs to achieve their fullest potential. Help us understand the support that will be optimal for you by getting in touch to discuss them with us.

Students are encouraged to disclose any special needs/assistance you may require upon admission. The purpose of disclosure is to ensure that any special arrangements that need to be considered are promptly looked into.


Fee Payment

The programme will be subsidised by MUIS to ensure that it is affordable. Participants enrolling in the PCICS between 2020 and 2023 will enjoy significant subsidies, and will be required to pay only $800 per participant for the entire programme ($200 per term), in recognition that they would have enrolled in overseas Islamic universities without notice that the PCICS would become a mandatory requirement.

Students may make payment at Muis’ Customer Service Counter (at Level 2, Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura, Singapore Islamic Hub, 273 Braddell Road Singapore (579702)). 


Financial Aid

Muis believes that no student should be denied the opportunity because of financial difficulties. 

Students will be provided with appropriate fee subsidies depending on their per capita income (PCI). Application will be processed on a case-by-case basis.