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PCICS Academic and Administrative Policies

Responsibility for Announcements and Updates of Personal Particulars

All students will have an email account registered with Muis Academy upon ARS registerion that will be their official point of contact. Communications from Muis Academy to students will be via the registered email account. As such, students are expected to check this registered email account regularly. Students are also expected to be aware of the latest announcements that may be posted on the Learning Management System (LMS) and the Muis Academy website.

Throughout their candidature, students are responsible for keeping their personal particulars (including citizenship, official/legal name*, identity card details, permanent and correspondence contact details, and next-of-kin details) updated in the Muis Academy’s records in a timely manner. This means that students must notify Muis Academy within 5 working days of the effective date of change of the affected personal particulars. Muis Academy will not be accountable for delayed or lost mail due to incorrect or obsolete students' addresses and contacts. Students may check their particulars or amend their contact details via the Student Management System (SMS).

*Please note that your Official Name in the SMS will be printed on your certificate and academic transcript. If you have changed your name during your course of study but failed to inform Muis Academy in a timely manner and you have already been conferred your certificate, then your name as presently reflected in our official records, will be inscribed on your certificate. No further requests for name changes will be processed.


Students who apply for ARS are required to attend the next intake of the PCICS.  Should a student require to defer the course commencement date a request needs to be submitted to the ARS Office. All requests must be supported with documentary evidence including the health statements from hospitals or the relevant authorities, or other appropriate documents supporting reasons such as family emergencies. Approvals for deferment is granted on a case-by-case basis for upto the next intake of the programme, unless otherwise stated. 

Students and Employment

The PCICS programme is developed as a Continuing Education & Training (CET) programme, with the working adult in mind. Students are expected to commit themselves to at least 20 hours of study per week. Classes are held mainly on weeknights or on Saturdays. There are a limited number of classes that are held during the day. Students are expected to make necessary arrangements with their employer to attend these classes. Students should note that commitments from employment will not be accepted as valid reasons for uncompleted work, late submission of work, or poor performance.


Leave of Absence

Students who need to take leave for any period of time,  a request will have to be submitted to may be granted leave of absence for the following reasons:

1. Medical Reasons

Students who are applying for medical leave of absence for one term or more must consult the a certified physician. An assessment should be conducted to determine if the student is indeed unfit to study for the term(s) and this must be sent to Muis Academy. In general, a student who is granted leave of absence on medical grounds during a term will be given “IC” grades (incomplete) for all modules taken in that term.

2. Academic reasons

Leave may be granted for students to participate in other external academic activities like conference and fieldwork. Unlike students on leave of absence due to other reasons, students who are away for conference or fieldwork are still active in their candidature.

3. Personal reasons

Leave may be granted for students to participate in activities such as competitions, sports, seminars, and community services, to start-up a company or to attend to personal matters (including maternity leave). Such students are encouraged to purchase travel insurance for their personal leisure trips.

Students are advised to plan ahead to decide if they want to take term leave, taking into consideration the impact on fees, modules, insurance coverage, etc, where applicable.

Students contemplating on applying for leave of absence are strongly advised to consult Muis Academy on the
possible impact to their course of study. If during the period of leave of absence, rules relating to his/her candidature are amended, the student must expect to be governed under the amended rules upon his/her return from leave.

It is the student's responsibility to notify the relevant module instructors regarding absences from scheduled academic activities. Students who are absent for an extended period without first obtaining approval for leave will be regarded as being absent without permission and are liable to have their registration status terminated.


Applications for Leave of Absence, are to be submitted via the online Leave of Absence System at SMS.

Students are to note that the deadline for the application of term leave of absence will be the last day of Revision Week. In the event that your absence beyond Revision Week is inevitable due to unforeseen circumstances, please approach Muis Academy for advice.

During official examination periods, no leave will be granted. However, students may request for special consideration due to medical and other emergencies.

Fees, student card and other related matters

Students who require leave of one term or more should obtain approval in advance of the term. If a student applies for term leave of absence beyond Instructional Week 2, he/she is liable to pay fees (tuition and miscellaneous) for the entire term. Not having attended any class or not having utilised Academy's resources are invalid reasons for exemption from fee payment. Students on term leave would be expected to resume their studies at the start of the following (regular) term.

There may be limited and conditional accident and medical insurance benefits for students when on Leave of Absence.


Returning from medical leave of absence

Students on medical leave of absence for one term or more must also be certified fit to resume studies before s/he can start attending classes. Students will not be able to register for modules until they have been certified fit. Should they still be unwell, the medical leave of absence may be extended. Such applications for leave extension will be evaluated based on medical recommendations and the student's academic records.


Grading policy & Examination Process

Module requirements encompass different modes of assessment such as tutorial presentations, reports, projects, essays, as well as mid-term and final examinations. Module assessment may be based on absolute and/or relative performance. Where necessary, the final grade which a student receives for a module may be subject to moderation. One important reason for grade moderation is that examiners come from diverse academic backgrounds with different marking regimes. Grade moderation will prevent grade inflation or deflation and thus help achieve consistency in assessment across modules. However, grade distribution is applied flexibly and depends on the judgment of the examiner(s).

All grades are carefully scrutinized by Muis Academy before they are submitted to the Boards of Examiners for approval.

Examination Processes

Muis Academy has in place standard operating procedures to ensure that examination processes are conducted with utmost care and attention. Multiple levels of checks are built into the handling of examination answer scripts, marking and processing of marks and grades.

Feedback on Student Performance

Continuous assessment (CA) and examination serve different pedagogical needs. Examination serves primarily to assess a student's understanding of the subject matter, whereas CA plays in addition a formative role in educational terms. For this reason, unlike examination scripts which are not returned to students, CA is returned to students with comments and/or discussion if appropriate, so that they may improve on their work. For many modules, CA constitutes a significant percentage of the final grade.

Review of Examination Results

After the release of examination results, students may request a review through Muis Academy. This review will verify whether the examination script has been marked completely and that all marks (including CA) have been correctly transmitted to the Board of Examiners. The review will not involve marking an examination script a second time. To do so at this juncture would be out of context with no relative comparison with the rest of the class. In order to maintain consistency of assessment for all students, Muis Academy therefore does not allow re-marking unless certain parts of the answer were not taken into account in the original assessment.

In addition, Muis Academy reserves the right to review current students' results at any time and make revisions to these results in accordance with Muis Academy’s guidelines and policies. These reviews may arise from audit on past term’s results or routine checks and reviews conducted by Muis Academy during the term.

A $20 charge is imposed to deter frivolous requests to review examination results. It also goes towards defraying the administrative cost for such reviews



Students will be informed in an official letter from Muis Academy regarding their conferment date, sent electronically to the student’s registered email account within 3 working days from the conferment date. No hardcopy of the degree conferment letter will be issued to graduates.

The conferment date is also recorded in the official academic transcript.


Commencement is an annual event celebrated in early July. All eligible students will be requested to register their attendance online via Muis Academy website.



Discipline with respect to students is governed by the Muis Academy’s Statutes and Regulations. Any student who is alleged to have committed or attempted to commit offences listed may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

The Board of Discipline is empowered to adjudicate any offences in relation to any student of Muis Academy, whether existing or for whom the candidature has ceased, as long as the circumstances giving rise to the disciplinary proceedings arose while the person was a student of Muis Academy or in connection with the person's admission into Muis Academy. The Board of Discipline is chaired by the Head of Programme and comprises two other members of Muis Academy. Appeals against the decisions of this Board are heard by the Dean of Muis Academy.

Students of the Muis Academy should familarise themselves with the Code of Student Conduct which is intended to guide students’ conduct in both the academic and non-academic aspects by providing an overview of the behaviour generally expected of them.