Student Welfare and Support

Balancing the demands of academic schedules with work and personal commitments may leave a student overwhelmed. As a student, you may not be aware of the right avenues to approach for resources. PCICS provides a comprehensive Student Welfare and Support, aimed in providing you direct access to a designated support team that will address your various needs.


Academic Support

A Dedicated Academic Team

Students are encouraged to contact the module lecturer and teaching assistants of respective modules should they face any difficulties or have any queries. Academic policies are in place t facilitate learning. This includes provision of qualitative feedback for continual assessments & using variated assessments. 

Arabic Language Support

Two PCICS core modules, offered by our international partners, will be conducted in Arabic. Students who require assistance may approach our Arabic language consultant. A workshop may also be offered to students. 


Spiritual & Career Guidance

PCICS Community of Mentors (CoM)

The PCICS Community of Mentors (CoM) aims to provide a platform for students to engage with senior asatizah and industry professionals to successfully transition into the academic life of PCICS and get integrated back into the social and professional culture of the Singapore Society.  The programme aims to provide a supportive and enabling environment for PCICS students to strengthen their spiritual resolve, facilitate their first steps into the professional work life ad guide their ethical application of knowledge to complex socio-religious context. The CoM consists of members who are senior Asatizah and professionals in the industry. 

The CoM aims to 

  1. provide a platform for students to engage with a network of passionate individuals for their holistic development,
  2. Facilitate a smooth transition into the workforce through professional & industry guidance, and
  3. Guide the students' ethical application of knowledge to complex socio-religious context.  


Career Coaching

Career Connect Courses

Enhancing employability and professionalization are key aspects of the PCICS curriculum. Towards this aim, a series of career connect courses will be available to students covering topics that includes writing effective targeted resume and cover letter, interview skills, business grooming, etiquette and social mixing, and basics of employment contract. 

Workplace Coach

During your practicum stint, PCICS students will be assigned a workplace coach from their respective organisation hosts. Aside from providing your overall performance and feedback report for the module assessment, the workplace coach will guide you through the daily ongoing of your designated job portfolio and provide insights into the industry practices. 

Personal Career Coaching

If you require a more in-depth and personal career advice, you may set up an appointment with one of our trained and qualified career coaches for a one-on-one session. 


Financial Wellbeing 

Bursary Scheme

Muis believes that no student should be denied the opportunity because of financial difficulties. 

Students will be provided with appropriate bursaires depending on their per capita income (PCI). Requests may be emailed to the PCICS team and they will be processed on a case-by-case basis. 


Students may also utilise the Post-Secondary Education Account funds for payment of PCICS fees. 

Temporary Work Placement 

The TWP seeks to provide opportunity for students to earn and income while enrolled in PCICS with a temporary opportunities at selected work placements for a period of between 2-12months. 


Mental Wellness

Counselling provides a safe and private space to talk with someone about your goals and concerns. Meeting with a counsellor may help you clarify your goals and explore options to achieve them. As skilled listeners, counsellors provide clients an objective perspective when dealing with a concern. Our ready team of counsellors not only assist you as a student in addressing your immediate concerns but also facilitate you to acquire skills for individual growth. Counselling services and programmes are provided free for all full time PCICS students.


Learning & Behavioural Support

Muis Academy is committed to providing an inclusive and nurturing environment for students with disabilities and special education needs to achieve their fullest potential. Help us understand the support that will be optimal for you by getting in touch to discuss them with us.

Students are encouraged to disclose any special needs/assistance you may require upon admission. The purpose of disclosure is to ensure that any special arrangements that need to be considered are promptly looked into.