Covid-19 Qunut Nazilah -English

Office of the Mufti
Islamic Religious Council of Singapore
  1. With the COVID-19 outbreak still ongoing, we would like to invite imams to continue advising mosque congregants on the precautionary measures detailed in the previous two religious advisories issued by the Office of the Mufti. The precautionary measures are summarized as follow:

    • To pay attention to our health and observe personal hygiene;
    • Avoid shaking hands for the time being;
    • Ensure that our hands are always clean, and
    • To bring our personal prayers mats to the mosque
    The Supplication of Qunut Nazilah
  2. Qunut Nazilah is a supplication for Allah’s protection from harm that is offered in prayers at times of calamity.1 Mosque Imams are encouraged to recite the supplication of Qunut Nazilah when performing obligatory congregational prayers.

  3. Qunut Nazilah can be recited by both individuals and in congregation. It can also be recited in obligatory prayers2 including the Friday prayers. The supplication for Qunut Nazilah is usually read in the last unit (rakaat) of the prayer, during the time that an individual stands up (I’tidal) after bowing down (ruku’),3 and after reciting سمع الله لمن حمده، ربنا ولك الحمد it is recommended for one to recite the Qunut supplication  while raising both hands.4

  4. Imams are reminded to recite the supplication of the Qunut Nazilah that is in accordance to the current context. Mosque congregants should also be informed before the commencement of prayers that the Qunut Nazilah will be recited during the last unit (rakaat) of the prayer during I’tidal.

  5. The Office of the Mufti recommends the following supplication:

23 February 2020

Office of the Mufti
Islamic Religious Council of Singapore


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