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Advisory on Eclipse Prayer 2014 (English)

Advisory on Performing the Eclipse Prayer 
Office of the Mufti
Islamic Religious Council of Singapore
  1. In the event of an eclipse, a Muslim is encouraged to perform the eclipse prayers. It is one of the highly encouraged sunnah and it can be done personally or in congregation.

  2. The prayer starts as early as the start of the eclipse. If someone misses the time and the eclipse has ended it, is not necessary for someone who has miss the prayer to perform the qadhak.

  3. If the prayer is performed in congregation, a sermon can be given after the prayer, reminding Muslims of the greatness of Allah, and the need to repent. The pre-requisites and conditions of the sermon is the same as that of the Friday sermon.
    How to perform eclipse prayer
  4. There are two ways to perform the Eclipse Prayer. The first version is to perform it like any other two rakaat sunnah prayer – two rakaat, ending with salam.

  5. The second version: two rakaat, but in each rakaat, there will be two ruku’ (bow) and two Al-Fatihah. Prayers will start with the recitation of Al-Fatihah, and recitation of a surah (preferably a long surah, such as Al-Baqarah), followed by ruku' and i’tidal (standing for a while after bowing). However, instead of proceeding to sujud (prostrate) repeat the recitation of Al-Fatihah and another surah, then ruku' and i’tidal again. It is only after this that one makes her sujud. Repeat the cycle for the second rakaat, and then end with the tahiyyah and salam as per normal prayers.

  6. If the prayer is done in congregation, the Imam will stand after prayer is over to deliver the two sermons.


8th October 2014