Part 2 - Advisory on Managing the COVID- 19 Situation




  1. This religious guidance supplements the earlier guidance issued on 30 January for the Singapore Muslim Community as it faces the COVID-19.
  2. Singapore’s Disease Outbreak Response System Condition level has been upgraded to Orange, meaning the disease is deemed contagious but has not spread widely and is being contained. The Ministry of Health has announced further precautionary measures with regard to events involving large gathering of people. As mosques are public places often frequented by many, we recommend the following steps for those who are planning to attend activities and events at mosques.

    Maintaining a high level of hygiene 

  3. If you feel unwell, you should see a doctor immediately and refrain from going to the mosque. Islam excuses those who are unwell from attending congregational prayers (including Friday prayers), as explained in the earlier religious guidance.
  4. If you go to the mosque, please take additional steps to minimise any risk of infection. The virus may remain on carpet surfaces if used by a congregant who is infected. This occurrence is highly likely if the area has not been properly disinfected and cleansed. As such, we encourage the use of personal clean mat to cover the prostration area. Female congregants are also advised to bring your own personal prayer clothing.
  5. You should also maintain a high level of hygiene by washing your hands or by using a hand sanitiser. The use of hand sanitisers containing alcohol is permissible, in accordance with the 2008 fatwa issued by the Fatwa Committee, which stated that the alcoholic substance used in medical treatments (including hand sanitisers) is not a prohibited item.
  6. In this period, you should also minimise close physical contact such as shaking of hands, as this may facilitate the transmission of the virus. You may hold your hands close to your chest as a sign of respect in place of shaking hands. This is also in accordance with the religious guidance issued in 2003 during the SARS outbreak.

    Showing solidarity in times of need

  7. It may take some time before the situation returns to normal. In the meantime, we must play our part to help ensure that the situation remains under control and there is no further outbreak of the virus.
  8. In these challenging times, let us remain united in care for one another. Look out for those in need, and extend our help to alleviate their pain. In particular, show care and concern for those who have been affected, especially those who have received a quarantine order. Let us continue to be patient as we face this challenge together as one society, with full confidence in Allah’s mercy and compassion. May He keep us safe in this world and in the hereafter and protect everyone from any further harm or danger.


7 February 2020