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Muslim Communities of Success Initiative

The Muslim Communities of Success Initiative is a positive and forward-looking articulation of a vision of Islam that is compatible with today’s world and thrives in and actively contributes to contemporary societies. It is a narrative of success and excellence – Muslim communities should, and can, co-exist with all other communities as contributing citizens of their respective nations and of the global world whilst contributing to the prosperity and progress of their societies through their moral and religious conviction, knowledge and competencies. Inspired by our rich Muslim tradition, guided by our Islamic values, and driven by the right competencies.

As many other Muslim minorities around the world, Muslims in Singapore face similar socio-religious challenges. The community had embarked on various efforts to develop confident and practicing Muslims with good social and religious values. However, as the socio-political and religious conditions continue to evolve and present new questions in light of contemporary and emerging contexts and challenges, it is hence important that we continue to prepare ahead and anticipate these questions in order to continue to guide Muslim communities.