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Title Documents
End of Year Doa and New Year Doa Icon for PDF End of Year Doa (137KB)
Icon for PDF New Year Doa (121KB)
Navigating Tradition and Science - Singapore's Approach in Determinig the Hijri Calendar Icon for PDF Navigating Tradition and Science (15MB)
Imsakiah Ramadan 2023M/1444H Icon for PDF Imsakiah Ramadan 2023/1444 (162KB)
Milkbank Fatwa (FAQ) Icon for PDF FAQ on Milkbank Fatwa (2.5MB)
Ramadan 2021/1442H e-Booklet

Icon for PDF English e-booklet (PDF, 3.5MB) 
Icon for PDF Malay e-Booklet (PDF, 3.6MB)

Contemporary Irsyad Series 2020 (Ramadan Edition) 

Icon for PDF CIS Ramadan - Malay (PDF, 4MB)
Icon for PDF CIS Ramadan - English (PDF,5MB)
Icon for PDF CIS Ramadan - Bengali (PDF,2.6MB)

Guidelines for Muslims on Purchasing and Owning Property (Joint Tenancy) Icon for PDF English (PDF, 10MB)
Icon for PDF Malay (PDF, 2MB)
Family Resilient Booklet 2019 Icon for PDF English (PDF, 5.8MB)
Contemporary Irsyad Series  Icon for PDF English (PDF, 25.9MB)
 Icon for PDF Malay (PDF, 28.2MB)
Doa for End and Beginning of Hijrah Year Icon for PDF Doa for End of Hijrah Year (PDF, 363KB) |
Icon for PDF Doa for Beginning of Hijrah Year (PDF, 375KB)
Faraidh - The Islamic Law of Inheritance  Icon for PDF English (PDF, 7.37MB)
Reflections on the Life of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Icon for PDF English (PDF, 3.17MB)
FAQ Related to the Fatwa of Nomination for CPF Monies Icon for PDF English (PDF, 36.6KB)
Characteristics of Deviant Teachings Icon for PDF English (PDF, 121KB)Malay (PDF, 1.92MB)
Islamic Guidelines on New Media Usage Icon for PDF English (PDF, 73.8KB)
Organ Transplant in Islam: The Fiqh of Organ Transplant and Its Application in Singapore Icon for PDF English (PDF, 1.67MB)
Reflection on the Prophet's Life Icon for PDF English (PDF, 467KB)
Risalah for Building a Singaporean Muslim Community of Excellence Icon for PDF English (PDF, 2.95MB)Malay (PDF, 1.92MB)
Fatwas of Singapore - Science, Medicine and Health   English (ePub, 4.2MB) 
 English (Mobi, 8.6MB)