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Wakaf21 June 2021

Clarification on Wakaf Haji Pitchay Meerah Hussain

Muis has been made aware of reports regarding the management of Wakaf Haji Pitchay Meerah Hussain.

Halal30 December 2020

Clarification Regarding Photo and Post Alleging a Muis Officer's Involvement in Alleged Cases of Tampering of Imported Meat into Malaysia by a Meat Cartel

Muis is aware of a photo and post circulating on social media, alleging that a Muis officer is involved in the recent alleged cases of tampering of imported meat into Malaysia by a meat cartel. 

Deviant Teachings01 December 2020

Clarification Regarding Social Media Posts Alleging Muis' Non-Action Against a Case of Deviant Teachings

Recently there have been postings on social media alleging that Muis failed to take action for four years against a case of deviant teachings until the case was brought to the public’s attention in 2020.

Deviant Teachings10 November 2020

Muis' Response to Straits Times Article "Self-styled Prophet said to have Five Spiritual Wives"

We refer to the Straits Times article “Self-styled prophet said to have five spiritual wives” published on 9 November 2020.