Financial Assistance08 May 2020

Clarification Regarding Article Alleging Muis' Reluctance to Provide Financial Aid to Needy Muslims

An article alleging Muis' reluctance to provide financial aid to needy Muslims is being circulated online. This is not new. In fact, this has been clarified before in October 2019.

Halal25 April 2020

Muis' Response to Article Alleging Questionable Halal Certification Practices by a Muis Officer

It has been brought to Muis’ attention that there is an online article being circulated which alleges questionable practices in the Singapore halal certification process. Muis would like to take this opportunity to clarify and debunk the allegations made in the article.

Financial Assistance31 October 2019

Clarification on MUIS - Malays Underrepresented in Singapore Facebook Page

This posting is by a page - MUIS - Malays Underrepresented in Singapore - which regularly attempts to discredit Muis. This post, like many others, contains allegations which are passed of as statements of fact, but which are not and often cannot be verified.

Audit16 July 2019

Response on Audit Observations on the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) takes the findings of the Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) seriously and acknowledges the lapses observed, primarily in areas of procurement, management of IT rights, and instances where Haj administration fees relating to deceased applicants were not refunded in a timely manner.