Mosque Building

The Need  

Our mosques experience wear and tear over time; and with a growing Muslim population in Singapore, it also faces space constraints. In meeting our community's varied needs whilst ensuring the safety of the mosques' congregants, two schemes were introduced - the Mosque Building Programme (MBP), and the Mosque Upgrading Programme (MUP) - both funded by the MBMF.   

The Impact  

The Mosque Upgrading Programme (MUP) was launched in 2009 to rejuvenate and refresh mosques, expand prayer spaces as well as provide barrier free facilities for congregants. Since then, 24 mosques have been upgraded with partial funding from MBMF under the MUP. Nine of these mosques have expanded their prayer spaces by between 300 and 1,000 spaces each to provide a total of 5,700 additional prayer spaces. These additional prayer spaces from existing mosques and prayer spaces provided by the 4 new mosques built since 2009 have help meet the increasing demand for prayer spaces over the years.

For the development of new mosques, Muis has completed the construction of Al-Islah Mosque in June 2015, providing 4,000 prayer spaces. Constructions of Masjid Maarof and Masjid Yusof Ishak were also completed in  August 2016 and April 2017 respectively, providing an additional 9,000 prayer spaces collectively.