Religious Education

The Need  

Our full-time madrasahs are private institutions wholly funded by our community. With the increasing cost of education, a constant challenge faced by the madrasah sector is ensuring that there is a sustainable stream of financial support. The cornerstone of this sustainable stream is a collaborative investment between three parties - madrasahs, our community and the Government. 
The madrasahs gather funds via school fees and fundraisers. Our community contributes via zakat and wakaf contributions, Dana Madrasah and MBMF. The government supports and supplements this via Edusave contributions to all madrasah students, a waiver for the National Examination fees and support for developing teacher capabilities for secular subjects.   

The Impact 

Through this tripartite partnership, we are able to develop the madrasah teachers’ capacity and enhance the curriculum for our students, strengthening our madrasah sector and meeting the current and future religious needs of our community.   

To date, over 90% of our madrasah teachers are now equipped with basic teaching certification, whilst 59 teachers and principals have undergone middle management capacity and leadership programmes. Concurrently, 98.5% of our madrasah students have achieved the PSLE passing rate, and attained scores higher than the national benchmark.