Ahmad Ibrahim

15 Jalan Ulu Seletar Singapore 769227

6454 0848

6454 4770

Is Zakat

How to get there

Bus Services:
167, 169, 171, 800, 811, 856, 858, 859, 969, 980

Information of the Mosque

Ahmad Ibrahim Mosque

Built in 1958, this old generation zinc-roofed mosque located in the North part of the island serves the religious needs of Muslim living and working in the vicinity. It can accommodate 200 Muslims at any one time. It offers nursery, kindergarten and weekend madrasah classes for children of nearby residents. Altogether, a total of 480 children attend classes at various times, at the masjid. Since the ‘70s, there have been several renovation and repair works carried out. 

Type of Mosque : TOL

Last updated on 06/02/2024