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2, Pasir Ris Walk Singapore 518239

6583 8711

6583 8722

Is Alive Is Adil Wheelchair Is SD Is Zakat

How to get there

Bus Services:
3, 6, 89

Nearest MRT Station:
Pasir Ris

Information of the Mosque

Al-Istighfar Mosque

This three-storey masjid is one of the most recent mosques built under Phase Three of the Mosque Building Fund. Completed in June 1999, it is located in the East, along Pasir Ris Drive 3. it can be recognized by its outstanding blue dome and modern yet Islamic architecture. The masjid, which can accommodate a congregation of 3300 people offers madrasah and kindergarten classes. It is a hive of activities during the evening when religious classes opened its doors to Muslims in the vicinity and also those living nearby. 


Type of Mosque : MBMF

Last updated on 22/04/2022