About Muis Academy


The Muis Academy logo is a representation of the ideals and aspirations of a forward-looking learning institution.

The star symbolises the Academy’s process of training and developing religious leaders, embodies a system of developing leaders and reflects the Academy’s openness to progress.

The system seeks continuous improvement through partnerships within the industry, academia and the community to develop plurality of ideas and collective wisdom.

The colour gold exemplifies wealth of knowledge and the push for excellence, while the grey signifies stability and a strong foundation.



Muis Academy (MA) is the research and education arm of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. The Academy aims at building the leadership capabilities of the socio-religious community so as to shape a progressive religious life of the Muslim community, and promoting a deeper understanding and progressive discourse on Islam and Muslim society in the modern world.

This is realized through multi-disciplinary courses, workshops, roundtable discussions, seminars and conferences. In addition, the Academy conducts research and publishes commentaries and analytical pieces on contemporary issues on religion and is a key platform that supports the vision of establishing a Muslim Community of Excellence for Singapore.


In contributing to a gracious Singaporean Muslim Community that thrives with diversity, Muis Academy builds capacity, provides expertise and strengthens partnerships and raises awareness of Progressive Islamic Thought.

Our Core Area Of Expertise

Muis Academy is dedicated to the development of Islamic religious leadership in Singapore and as such offers a variety of courses and programmes for the asatizah, mosque officers and leaders, madrasah staff and teachers and Muslim youth and community leaders in the socio-religious sector.

In addition, the Academy now actively engages different sectors of the Singapore society, such as the religious leaders, community leaders and public officers across all faiths. This is mostly achieved through our partnerships with reputable institutes of higher learning locally and internationally where intellectual discourses on Islam and Muslims in the modern world are held in our programmes and publications.


Recognising the fact that Muslims in Singapore live in a multi-religious and secular setting, the Academy aims to develop the community’s capacity in shaping a progressive religious life that thrives on diversity and nurturing a culture of graciousness that collectively inspires goodness and radiates blessings to all of humanity.

Serving As A Resource Center

Muis Academy also functions as the repository of the Singapore Muslim community’s collective knowledge and experiences. It serves as a conduit for Muis to share Singapore’s model of Islamic religious administration, services and expertise to Muslim communities in the region and beyond. Likewise/Similarly, the Academy aspires to learn from the rich experiences of Muslim communities abroad through its sharing programmes.