MA offers training, leadership and discourse programmes and scholarships for asatizah (imams and clerics), mosque leaders and officers, madrasah teachers, community and youth leaders for the socio-religious sector.

Asatizah (Imams and Clerics)

Asatizah are leaders who provide religious guidance for the Muslim community for them to be able to have a thriving religious life in contemporary living. MA’s programmes utilize an inter-disciplinary approach to learning, with the aim to train key religious leaders to understand strategic approaches to religious thinking in the context of Singapore by way of presenting case studies and discussing emerging issues that have impact on the religious life of the Muslim community. It is hoped that these programmes will help develop asatizah who demonstrate creativity and capability in handling and analysing delicate religious issues within the context of secular, multi-religious and modern Singapore

Madrasah Teachers

Muis Academy provides training opportunities for madrasah (Islamic school) leaders and educators. Madrasah play a key role in the development of religious scholars in Singapore. Thus madrasah teachers need to be prepared in developing madrasah students who are dynamic future religious leaders who are able to address challenges of modernity. These programmes focused on equipping madrasah teachers with the necessary pedagogy and class management skills, for them to gain the necessary professional skills in their field.

Mosque Leaders and Officers

The mosques are institutions that provide solace and spiritual space for the Muslim community. Hence MA aims to develop mosque leaders who are able to create transformational change through our mosques and guide the community through offering highly effective socio-religious programmes. These programmes aim to develop leadership strong governance and programme development capabilities, as well as instilling a strong sense of civic consciousness in mosque leaders.

Public Officers

The role of the public officer is often thought to be distinct from the political process. Policymakers advise and elected political leaders decide. However, for public officers to know how best to advise, they need to understand the political considerations of the leaders, have the ability to grasp local, regional and global trends and factor them into the design of policies. As the operating environment continues to grow in complexity, events and trends interact with one another in unpredictable ways. For robust and resilient policies, Muis Academy aims to offer programme that would equip policy-makers with insights into Islamic trends and Muslim affairs that would enable them to factor in religion in policy-making.