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Dr Albakri Bin Ahmad
Deputy Chief Executive Muis and
Dean, Muis Academy
Email: Albakri_Ahmad@muis.gov.sg

Dr Mohammad Hannan Bin Hassan
Deputy Director, Office of Mufti (Capacity Building)
Vice Dean, Muis Academy
Email: Mohammad_Hannan_Hassan@muis.gov.sg

Hanna Taufiq Siraj
Assistant Director
Muis Academy
Email: Hanna_Taufiq_Siraj@muis.gov.sg

Shereen Mohd Idris
Assistant Manager (Discourse)
Muis Academy
Email: Shereen_MOHD_IDRIS@muis.gov.sg

Safwan Sulaiman
Assistant Manager (PCICS)
Muis Academy 
Email: Safwan_Sulaiman@muis.gov.sg

Sriwati Binte Sulaiman
Programme Consultant
Muis Academy
Email: Sriwati_Suleiman@muis.gov.sg