Fatwa (Islamic legal ruling) is an important element in the life of the Muslims. The development of science and technology and the realities of life in a dynamic society like Singapore has raised new questions which require solutions through fatwa.

The Office of the Mufti of Muis (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) acts as the Secretariat of the Fatwa Committee and is responsible for handling the operational duties related to the issuance of fatwa. As Secretariat, the Office of the Mufti collates necessary references and information to be distributed to the Fatwa Committee, especially those on emerging issues.

On certain occasions, individuals who are able to contribute in terms of ideas, views and expertise will be invited to the discussion eg. experts on the latest scientific developments.

Experienced religious teachers will also be invited to join in the discussion to enhance and widen the scope of discussion. It is also a platform to nurture them as future Fatwa Committee members.

Last updated on 09 July 2024