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Research Programme in the Study of Muslim Communities of Success (RPCS)



The Research Programme in the Study of Muslim Communities of Success (RPCS) is developed as part of Muis’ efforts in advancing religious thought leadership for the future. The programme seeks to develop contextualised bodies of knowledge on socio-religious issues that are typical for Muslim communities living in secular states and advanced economies. The RPCS focus will be on developing new understanding, interpretations and application of Islamic principles, values and traditions to contemporary issues and challenges.

The RPCS aims to bring together local scholars and senior practitioners to look into current and future issues in the socio-religious life of the Singapore Muslim community. It serves as a platform to nurture the right intellectual environment to facilitate the growth and development of its own group of religious leaders, scholars and thinkers who are seen as authentic and credible to guide the local Muslim community.

The RPCS conducts research as part of developing new knowledge and publishes a series of online articles to update on the evolving religious discourse and analysis of issues relevant to the theme of Muslim Communities of Success.