Media Releases

15 Aug 2023
Zakat Discrepancies at Masjid Al-Istiqamah

17 Jul 2023
Yocorn Food Enterprise Pte Ltd and its Director fined $35,000 and $20,000 respectively for Multiple Offences

02 Jul 2023
Singapore Pilgrims’ Affairs Office Conferred Prestigious Labbaitum Award

18 Jun 2023
Announcement on the Beginning of Zulhijjah 1444H/2023 for Singapore

18 Jun 2023
Pengisytiharan Awal Zulhijjah 1444H/2023M bagi Singapura

06 Jun 2023
Joint Media Statement by Muis and the Asatizah Recognition Board (ARB)

20 Apr 2023
Announcement for the Month of Syawal 1444H (2023) for Singapore

20 Apr 2023
Pengisytiharan Awal Syawal 1444H/2023M Bagi Singapura

10 Apr 2023
Limited Balloting Scheme

09 Apr 2023
Statement in Response to Queries on Determining of Syawal 2023/1444H

22 Mar 2023
Announcement by Mufti on the Beginning of Ramadan for Muslims in Singapore

22 Mar 2023
Pengisytiharan Awal Ramadan 1444H/2023M Bagi Singapura

22 Mar 2023
Zakat Fitrah Rates for Ramadan 1444H/2023

15 Mar 2023
Statement on Prayer Preparation for Ramadan 2023/1444H

13 Mar 2023
Retain Best Practices during Pandemic for a Safe and Blessed Ramadan Experience

10 Feb 2023
Authorised Travel Agents and Approved Packages for Haj 2023 (1444H)

26 Jan 2023
Appointment of the New Fatwa Committee (2022-2025)

13 Jan 2023
Reopening of Masjid Khalid

09 Jan 2023
Singapore Allocated 900 Places for Haj 1444H

06 Jan 2023
First Phase Reopening of Masjid Bencoolen

03 Jan 2023
Students at Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah Continue Their Stellar Performance at IBDP Exams

23 Dec 2022
Year-End Zakat Disbursement 2022

23 Nov 2022
Consistent Performance for Madrasahs in Their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) Results

17 Nov 2022
Fatwa Committee Receives International Recognition in Dealing with Contemporary Issues

14 Oct 2022
Lifting of Cessation Order on Meat Products from Thomas Foods International Lobethal

23 Sep 2022
Statement on Muis Officer Charged

22 Aug 2022
Religious Advice to the Singapore Muslim Community on LGBTQ+ Developments in Singapore

19 Aug 2022
Appointment of the 19th Muis Council

31 Jul 2022
Mosques to Further Streamline Arrangement for Friday Prayer

30 Jul 2022
Korban Meat Distribution to Zakat Beneficiaries

29 Jun 2022
Announcement by Mufti of Singapore on the Beginning of Zulhijjah 1443H/2022 for Singapore

29 Jun 2022
Pengisythiharan Awal Zulhijjah 1443H/2022M Bagi Singapura

23 Jun 2022
Additional Haj 2022/1443H Quota for Singaporean Pilgrims

20 Jun 2022
Additional Haj Spaces for Singapore

16 May 2022
Muis’ Response to Malaysia’s Suspension of Slaughtering Approval for an Australian Abattoir

14 May 2022
Registration for SalamSG Korban 1443H/2022 Opens

13 May 2022
Singapore Haj Quota Processed Successfully

02 May 2022
Authorised Travel Agents and Approved Haj Packages for 2022 (1443H)

02 May 2022
Clarification Regarding the Announcement of Syawal 2022 for Singapore

02 May 2022
Penjelasan Pengumuman Awal Syawal bagi Tahun 2022 di Singapura

01 May 2022
Announcement for the Month of Syawal 1443H (2022) for Singapore

01 May 2022
Pengisytiharan Awal Syawal 1443H/2022M Bagi Singapura

27 Apr 2022
Additional Ramadan Zakat Disbursement

26 Apr 2022
Haj 2022/1443H for Singapore Pilgrims

22 Apr 2022
Hari Raya Prayer Announcement

01 Apr 2022
Announcement by Mufti on the Beginning of Ramadan for Muslims in Singapore

01 Apr 2022
Pengisytiharan Awal Ramadan 1443H/2022M Bagi Singapura

01 Apr 2022
Zakat Fitrah Rates for Ramadan 1443H/2022

28 Mar 2022
Celebrate Ramadan with Families

08 Feb 2022
Muis Introduces Enhanced Scheme for Foreign Halal Certification Bodies (FHCB)

29 Jan 2022
Updated Religious Guidance for Congregational Prayer in Mosques

04 Jan 2022
Outstanding Results for Second Batch of IBDP Students at Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah

08 Dec 2021
Religious Advice to the Community - Characteristics of Deviant Teachings

24 Nov 2021
2021 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) Performance of Madrasah Students

22 Nov 2021
20 Mosques Offer up to 100 Congregants per Zone for Friday Prayer

26 Oct 2021
Religious Guidance on Headscarf for Women in Uniformed Services

21 Oct 2021
Revised Dates for Hari Raya in 2022

03 Sep 2021
Enhancing Quality, Making Islamic Education at Mosques More Accessible

04 Aug 2021
Despite Pandemic, Wakaf Continues to Provide Support to the Community

20 Jul 2021
Congregational Prayer at Mosques to be Adjusted for Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

19 Jul 2021
Celebrating Hari Raya Aidiladha in Phase 3 (Heightened Alert)

14 Jul 2021
Safe Management Measures Reminder in Response to Prayer Conducted Outside Mosque

11 Jul 2021
Muis Committed to Ensure High Standards of Governance and Accountability to Safeguard Integrity and Trust of Muis as a Religious Institution

10 Jul 2021

Announcement on the Beginning of Zulhijjah 1442H/2021 (ENG / MLY)

Chief Executive's Open Letter - Upholding Good Governance, Serving the Community Better

30 Jun 2021
Update on CPIB Investigations on Muis Officer

24 Jun 2021
Statement on Prohibited Publication

21 Jun 2021
Clarification on Wakaf Haji Pitchay Meerah Hussain

12 Jun 2021
Gradual Reopening of Mosques Under Phase 3 (Heightened Alert)

08 Jun 2021
Registration for Modified Korban 1442H/2021 Opens

31 May 2021
Police Report Arising from Leak of Confidential Documents of Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah

27 May 2021
Haj 2021/1442H for Singapore Pilgrims Deferred

21 May 2021
Modified-Korban Ritual Remains for 2021

17 May 2021
Madrasahs & IECPs to Continue Islamic Learning via Full Home-Based Learning

11 May 2021
Announcement for the Month of Syawal 2021/1442H (ENG / MLY)

07 May 2021
Staying Vigilant While Celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri

05 May 2021
Enhanced Safety Measures for Religious Activities at Mosques

01 May 2021
Temporary Closure of Masjid Al-Falah, Masjid Hajjah Fatimah, Masjid Abdul Hamid Kampung Pasiran

29 Apr 2021
Keeping the Community Safe during Ramadan

12 Apr 2021
Zakat Fitrah Rates for Ramadan 2021/1442H

12 Apr 2021

Zakat Fitrah Rates for Ramadan 2021/1442H

Announcement on the Beginning of Ramadan 2021/1442H (ENG / MLY)

27 Mar 2021
Mufti's Letter to PM regarding the Recent Update by Government on Tudung Policy

20 Mar 2021
Mosques to Resume Limited Ramadan Activities

10 Mar 2021
Muis' Statement on Recent Detention of Singaporean Youth as Announced by MHA

09 Feb 2021
Muis' Statement on Recent Restriction Order as Announced by MHA

05 Feb 2021
Updates on Investigation into Li Chuan Fish Ball Products

29 Jan 2021
Muis' Response to the Discovery of Porcine DNA in Muis Halal-Certified Products by Brunei Ministry of Religious Affairs

27 Jan 2021
Muis' Statement on Recent Detention of Singaporean Youth as Announced by MHA

22 Jan 2021
Online Forum Reassures Muslim Community on National Vaccination Programme

04 Jan 2021
Very Promising Results for First Batch of IBDP Students at Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah

31 Dec 2020
Muis' Response to Media Queries on Resumption of Umrah Pilgrimage

29 Dec 2020
Joint Media Statement by Muis and SFA on the Meat Cartel Issue in Malaysia

28 Dec 2020
Special COVID-19 Disbursement for Madrasahs

15 Dec 2020
Muis Committed to Ensuring Highest Level of Halal Standards for Food Imports: Findings of Investigation Into Recognition Procedures for Foreign Halal Certification Bodies (FHCBs)

13 Dec 2020
Religious Position on COVID-19 Vaccine

12 Dec 2020
Muis Awards 2020 Honours 12 Outstanding Individuals

04 Dec 2020
OurMadrasah.SG - A Community Public Education and Fundraising Portal to Support Full-Time Madrasahs

01 Dec 2020
Clarification Regarding Social Media Posts Alleging Muis' Non-Action Against a Case of Deviant Teachings

27 Nov 2020
Investigation into Alleged Deviant Teaching of Self-Styled Prophet

25 Nov 2020
2020 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) Performance of Madrasah Students

12 Nov 2020
Investigation into Muis' Recognition of Foreign Halal Certification Bodies

10 Nov 2020
Muis' Response to Straits Times Article "Self-styled Prophet said to have Five Spiritual Wives"

01 Nov 2020
Mosques to Gradually Increase Congregant Numbers

30 Sep 2020
Mosques to Resume More Activities Safely

17 Sep 2020
More Households to Receive Muis Support Fund to Help Cope with Impact of COVID-19

24 Jul 2020
Mosques to Conduct Limited Hari Raya Haji Prayers

21 Jul 2020
Announcement on Beginning of Zulhijjah 1441H/2020 (ENG / MLY)

17 Jul 2020
Community Urged to Maintain Vigilance When Participating in Mosque Congregational Prayers

10 Jul 2020
47 Mosques Offer Additional Friday Prayer Session (MLY)

09 Jul 2020
Transient Visit of COVID-19 Case to Masjid Al-Ansar

03 Jul 2020
Registration for Modified Korban 2020 Opens

19 Jun 2020
Two Advisory Panels Formed to Shape Wakaf Masyarakat Singapura; Recommendations Will Guide the Voluntary Contribution Process

17 Jun 2020
Ongoing Investigations on Alleged Questionable Halal Certification Practices

08 Jun 2020
Modified Korban Ritual to Be Organised by Mosques This Year

06 Jun 2020
Muis to Disburse Over $4 Million Derived from Income of Muis-Managed Wakaf

05 Jun 2020
Mosques Reopening Continues with Phase 1B

31 May 2020
Safe Resumption of In-Person Muslim Marriage Solemnizations at ROMM and Designated Mosques

29 May 2020
Muis' Response to Further Articles and Postings Alleging Questionable Halal Certification Practices

27 May 2020
Safe Reopening of Mosques in Line with National Guidelines

22 May 2020
Collective Efforts Supporting Muslim Migrant Workers in Ramadan

22 May 2020
Announcement for the Month of Syawal 2020/1441H (ENG / MLY

19 May 2020
Inaugural PCICS Programme Commences with New Learning Norm

18 May 2020
SGUnited Buka Puasa Reaches Fundraising Target

15 May 2020
Celebrating Hari Raya Safely and Responsibly

15 May 2020
Deferment of Haj 2020 for Singaporean Pilgrims

09 May 2020
Muis and Mosques Step Up Support for Muslim Migrant Workers

08 May 2020
37 Mosques Rally to Support SGUnited Buka Puasa

25 Apr 2020
Muis' Response to Article Alleging Questionable Halal Certification Practices by a Muis Officer

23 Apr 2020
Zakat Fitrah Rates for Ramadan 2020/1441H

23 Apr 2020
Announcement on Beginning of Ramadan 2020/1441H (ENG / MLY

22 Apr 2020
Support for Foreign Workers in View of Ramadan

20 Apr 2020
SalamSG TV - A Channel for Faith Inspired Knowledge

18 Apr 2020
SGUnited Buka Puasa Initiative

18 Apr 2020
Home-Based Learning for Madrasahs & Donations of Laptops by Tata Consultancy Services

14 Apr 2020
Theme for Ramadan 1441H/2020: Deepening Spirituality, Strengthening Resilience

13 Apr 2020
OurMasjid.SG - A Community Crowdfunding Initiative to Support Mosques During COVID-19

08 Apr 2020
Singaporean Students in Egypt Safely Returned Home

07 Apr 2020
More Support for Religious Sector, Tenants of Wakaf Properties

24 Mar 2020
Mosques to remain closed until further notice

20 Mar 2020
Muis' Response to MOH's Safe Distancing Measures

16 Mar 2020
Media Statement on Extension of Temporary Closure of Mosques

15 Mar 2020
Muis Advisory for General Muslim Public (ENG / MLY)

12 Mar 2020
Media Statement on Temporary Closure of Mosques and Suspension of Mosque Activities

27 Feb 2020
Muis' Advisory for Umrah Pilgrims

10 Feb 2020
Muis' Statement on the Detention of Singaporean ISIS Supporter

01 Feb 2020
A New Beginning for Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al-Islamiah