Distinctive Features

Distinctive Feature

  • Structured learning
  • ADIL seeks to provide clarity on the progression of students in their quest for knowledge. With a defined learning track from baseline to intermediate and advanced levels, students will be offered opportunities to study their areas of interest in greater depth at different levels.

  • Traditional learning
  • The content of the curriculum will be based on the Islamic traditional point of references. Students will learn the foundation knowledge of Islam from its traditional sources and are expected to appreciate the importance of mastering the essential knowledge of the Islamic faith.

  • Inquiry-based learning
  • In enriching religious learning experience, an inquiry-based learning methodology will be introduced. Students will be applying contemplation and reasoning where applicable. Case studies will be presented in class, and students will be given the opportunity to study the cases critically and provide their input and perspective in class, guided by the asatizah.

  • Reflective learning
  • Students will be able to draw learning points from the lessons in relation to current context. The Reflection Kit enables students to reflect on key learning points and self-assess their development throughout the programme.

  • Self-Learning
  • Students will engage in self-learning throughout the programme. This will cover selected readings or analysis of specific cases.

  • Non-examinable
  • Students will not be loaded with examinations at the end of every module. This programme is entirely non-examinable as adult learners should be able to self-assess their level of understanding, and the rich learning experience lead to the application of the knowledge learnt in the daily life of a Muslim.


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