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Learning Approach

 Programme Overview of ADIL

Programme Overview

ADIL aims to promote engaging, refreshing and unique Islamic learning to Muslim adults in Singapore. Tapping on the available platforms at mosques, ADIL offers structured, modular classes that cover wide-ranging topics of Islamic studies, ranging from baseline to advance level.

Facilitated by carefully selected asatizah, trained in both the subject matter and andragogical skills, the modules draw upon traditional point of references and contextual application of the Islamic knowledge in daily lives of a Muslim. The programme provides an excellent opportunity and platform to learn, comprehend and enrich oneself with the knowledge of Islam.

Our Approach

ADIL embarks on a unique approach of providing refreshing content to the study of Islamic faith to adult learners. ADIL integrates multi-disciplinary dimensions of Islamic learning together with a mixture of traditional point of references and contextual learning of contemporary discourses. The curriculum is specially tailored for adult learners in Singapore context, by embedding relevance day-to-day issue that are faced by Muslim adults in Singapore.

This approach is aimed to ensure to enable adult learners to acquire comprehensive understanding of issues and appreciate a multi-disciplinary and holistic (syumul) approach to the study of Islam. Relevant life skills such as parenting, financial planning and communication will be among the unique features of the ADIL programme.

In enhancing understanding and developing critical minds, ADIL classes will enable two-way interaction, allowing participants to ask, share and engage the asatizah pro-actively. ADIL believes in active engagements that enable closer interactions between adult leaners and the asatizah. As lessons will be held in classrooms, interaction and exchange between asatizah and students can be fostered more closely.

Lessons will also be conducted in discussion-based settings, enabling knowledge inquiry and critical understanding to be developed. ADIL will do away with exhaustive examinations, instead will rely on continuous assessment by encouraging participants’ in-class responses. Active participation of adult learners is our ultimate goal. Specific learning outcomes for each level are further provided to ensure targeted and focused learning.

Indeed, ADIL is a new dimension of Islamic learning for adult learners in Singapore. It is spiritually refreshingintellectually enriching and meaningfully engaging.

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