Frequently Asked Questions

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Resumption of Haj Registration

[For New Applicants w.e.f. 21 Feb 2023]


Eligibility for Haj Registration

1) Who can register for Haj?

All Singapore citizens and permanent residents are allowed to register for Haj. Eligible individuals who are below 18 years of age will have to be registered together with their legal guardian.

2) I am a female below the age of 45 years old, do I need to register with a mahram?

Female below the age of 45 is allowed to register for Haj without a mahram.

3) Can I register if I have performed Haj before?

You can register for Haj again, but you will not be allocated a Haj place until you have served the 10-year debarment period.

Registering for Haj

4) How do I register for Haj?

Please visit MyHajSG via Log in with Singpass and you will be redirected to the registration page.

5) Can I come to Muis to register for Haj?

No, you need not do so. We have designed MyHajSG to allow you to access the system anywhere at your convenience.

6) Why do I need Singpass account to access MyHajSG?

This is in line with the Whole-of-Government’s efforts in digitalising government services to provide convenience to citizens. Singpass is secure and ensures no unauthorised registration by irresponsible individuals.

7) What if I do not have a Singpass account?

You can register for a Singpass account on the Singpass website ( Alternatively, you may visit a Singpass counter for assistance. You can locate the nearest Singpass counter at

8) Can I use my mobile phone to register?

You may use your mobile phone to access MyHajSG to register. Alternatively, you may use a personal computer/notebook to access MyHajSG to have a better experience during registration.

9) Why must I register the particulars of my Next-of-Kin (NOK) into MyHajSG?

It is important for Muis to be able to contact you as soon as possible to notify you on the latest development on Haj (e.g. allocation of your haj places). Hence, it is recommended to provide an alternative contact person for Muis to reach if you are not personally contactable.

10)  What if I do not have a mobile number or email to register into MyHajSG?

It is recommended for you to register for a mobile number and create an email account. Alternatively, you may use the mobile number and email account of your Next-of-Kin (NOK). Muis will send the notification letters to your NOK instead.

11)  Can I register my ward for Haj after I have registered?

You will not be allowed to register your ward after you have completed your haj registration process. Hence, it is recommended to register your ward while completing the registration process.

You may wish to email us at for further clarification.

Creating Group

12) I would like to perform Haj with my family members or friends who have registered. Can I create a group with them?

You can create a group with other registered members. Do note that the registration date for the entire group will follow the registration date of the latest registered member.

13) What is the maximum number of people in a group?

A group can have a maximum of 10 applicants only.

14) What are the required details that I should have before inviting other applicants into my group?

You will need to have their NRIC and Haj registration numbers to create a group. 

15) Can I invite an applicant who is already in another group to be part of my group?

No, you cannot do so unless the applicant leaves his/her group before receiving an invitation to join another group.

16) Will my group members be informed that I have invited a new member to join into the group?

Yes, your group members will receive a notification informing them that you have invited a new member into the group. They are required to approve your invitation first before a notification can be sent to the invited member to accept the invitation to join into the group.

17) What happens if any of my group members disapprove the invitation of a new member?

You may wish to note that the invitation has a validity period of 14 calendar days only. The invitation should be approved by all group members within the given timeline to avoid any auto-cancellation of invitation by the system. There will be no change of your group status for any cancellation of new invitation.

18) What happens if I am inviting a new member whose registration date is much later than the members in the group?

You may wish to note that the registration date for the entire group will follow the registration date of the member who registered last in the group. Hence, you are advised to discuss with your group members first before making any invitations. 

19) The group registration date is now much later than my original registration date, can I remove myself from the group and revert back to my original date?

Any group member can decide to leave the group and his/her registration will be reinstated to the original registration date.

20) I wish to leave my group. Do I need an approval from my group members?

You can leave the group without the approval of your group members.


21) How much is the application fee for Haj?

Currently, the application fee is at $240.00 for each applicant, as Muis is providing a $90.00 subsidy in view of economic conditions. The application fee will gradually increase to $285.00 from 1 Jan 2024 till 31 Dec 2025; and subsequently will increase to the full quantum of $330.00 on 1 Jan 2026 onwards. The fees mentioned do not include prevailing GST.

22) What are the mode of payment accepted in MyHajSG?

Given that MyHajSG in an online portal, it can only accept payment via credit/debit card as well as PayNow. No cash payment will be accepted.

23) Will I receive any notification after payment is accepted?

You will be issued with e-receipt within 1 working day via SMS and email notifications.

24) Can I cancel my Haj registration?

You may cancel your Haj registration but there will be no refunds.