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Background of Madrasah

Historical Madrasah

Madrasah is an Arabic word which means "school". Historically, the madrasah started like other forms of Islamic education; the learning of the Quran, Fardhu ‘Ain, Hadith and other religious subjects from an individual ulama or the studies of Islam conducted in mosques. Its main purpose was to educate an individual on Islamic religion or various aspects of the religion.

The colonialists thus introduced their own concept of education in their colonies which resulted in the establishment of dual education system - secular and religious. The Muslims regarded this as useful and important for their children. This dual system thus replaced the unitary Islamic system of education.

Current Madrasah

The 21st century has seen Madrasahs entering a new paradigm. With the global integration and emphasis on Education, the full time Madrasahs now offer a pedagogical mix of Islamic Religious Education and Secular Education in their curriculum as it endeavours to produce religious leaders, teachers, scholars and propagators of Islam for the community who will be confident and equipped to lead the Singapore Muslim community in the 21st century. 

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