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Halal Engagement Series 2019 (HES2019)

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) organised the Halal Engagement Series (HES2019) between 22 and 26 Jul 2019 at Singapore Islamic Hub.The main objectives of HES 2019 were to provide Muis' stakeholders a better understanding of Muis Halal Certification process and to highlight key areas for a smoother Halal Certification journey. Below are the slides presented during HES 2019 for reference. Please note no part of these slides shall be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior written permission from Muis.

Session Dates Slides
Sessions for all certification schemes (22 Jul to 25 Jul) Icon for PDF (PDF, 411KB)                         
Session for Flavour Houses (26 Jul) (PDF, 438KB)



Title of Circulars Circulars and Attachments
Modes of Payment for Halal Certification Services (15 Jan 2020)  Circular 
Request for Action (RFA) (4 Feb 2020)  Circular
Annex A-Request for Action (RFA) Guide
Annex B-RFA Upload Format
Annex B-HalMQ P2 Format Guidelines
 Collection of Poulty Labels during DORSCON Orange Situation (31 Mar 2020) Circular
 "Circuit Breaker" Measures (8 Apr 2020) Circular
Appendix A
 Invalid Cert of Smoked Duck (29 Jul 2020)

Appendix A

 Halal Certificate Extension (COVID-19 Relief Package) (11 Aug 2020)

Appendix A-Guide for downloading Letter of Certificate Extension
Appendix B-Halal Certificate Extension FAQ

Enhancements on GoBusiness Portal for Halal Certification (8 Oct 2020)

Annex A - User Guide for Forms Download
Annex B - User Guide for Halal Questionnaire Template Download
Annex C - User Guide for FHCB directory
Annex D - User Guide for Uploading of Ingredient Menu Product Lists (Amend Application)
Annex E - User Guide for Uploading of Ingredient Menu Product Lists (New Application)

Change in Muis Hotline Number (10 Sep 2021) Circular
Annex A - List of Officers' Extensions

List of SAC-SINGLAS Accredited Laboratories

As per clause 3.7 of Muis Halal Certification Conditions (Product / Whole Plant Scheme), A laboratory analysis report according to Muis’ requirements may be required by Muis to confirm that the products, raw materials, additives and/or processing aids are Halal, please refer to the link below and follow the following guidelines to see the list of accredited laboratories you can choose from:

1) Go to this link https://www.sac-accreditations.gov.sg/Pages/Homepage.aspx

2) Under the “Browse Accredited Organisation”, choose “Laboratories (SAC-SINGLAS)”

3) In the next field, select “Chemical & Biological”

4) In the next field, select the correct / relevant scope according to the testing requested by Muis Auditor / Inspector