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Scheme Types & Eligibility Criteria (HCC)


Eating Establishment (EE) Scheme


Issued to retail food establishments such as restaurants, school canteen stalls, snack bars, Halal corners, confectioneries, bakery shops, stalls within a foodcourt or its equivalent and temporary stalls in bazaars, flea market, trade fairs, etc

 Eating Establishment Scheme (PDF, 851KB)
Endorsement (EN) Scheme


Issued to imported, exported or re-exported products in respect of which Halal certificates have been issued

 Endorsement Scheme (PDF, 491KB)

 Template for Endorsement Scheme

Food Preparation Area (FPA) Scheme


Issued to catering establishments and central kitchen facilities

 Food Preparation Area Scheme (PDF, 740KB) 


Poultry Abattoir (PA) Scheme


Issued to poultry abattoirs for their freshly-slaughtered poultry

 Poultry Scheme (PDF, 806KB)
Product (PRO) Scheme


Issued to products which are manufactured or partly manufactured/processed in Singapore

 Product & Whole Plant Scheme (PDF, 855KB)
Storage Facility (SF) Scheme


Issued to stationary and mobile storage facilities such as warehouses and coldrooms

 Storage Facility Scheme (PDF, 652KB)
Whole Plant (WP) Scheme


Issued to manufacturing facilities and all products manufactured therein

 Product & Whole Plant Scheme (PDF, 855KB)