1. Are there any entry requirements?
  2. No. We do offer the baseline modules (muqaddimah series) which are open to any adult learners who are interested to learn more about foundation knowledge of Islam.

  3. Is there any age limit?
  4. The programme is targeted for those above 21 years old. Nonetheless, anyone who is slightly below and above the targeted age group and is keen to attend the programme is more than welcomed to do so.

  5. Is this programme suitable for those who do not have any basic knowledge on Islam?
  6. This programme is designed for any adult learners who have no knowledge on Islam and for those who already have basic knowledge on Islam, and wish to revisit and to learn more on Islam.

  7. Is ADIL similar to aLIVE?
  8. ADIL is part of the Singapore Islamic Education System (SIES). It is a continuation of the aLIVE programme. While aLIVE is suited for children and teenagers, ADIL is targeted for adult learners. ADIL and aLIVE apply different teaching methodologies based on age-appropriateness.

  9. Are there any fees for this programme?
  10. Yes. The standard fees are generally at $50.00 while some are at $25.00 depending on the credit hours of the modules.

  11. What will be the language medium for ADIL classes?
  12. Classes will be conducted in English or Malay. Students are free to choose to enrol in classes that fit their language preference.

  13. Are there any examinations or assessments for each module?
  14. There are no formal assessments and examinations at the end of of every module. Instead, ADIL will embark on formative assessment approach. This allows facilitators to assess students’ understanding through in-class responses, discussions and engagement sessions. At the same time, students are empowered to self-assess their understanding, application and internalization of the lessons learnt through various tools offered in the programme.

  15. Are there any certificate issued to students?
  16. Some ADIL centres do issue certificate of participation to students who complete at least 70 per cent of attendance. Please check with your respective ADIL centres.

  17. Is it compulsory for students to complete all the four modules at baseline level?
  18. Students are free to choose to take any module from any level without any particular order.

  19. Where can they go after ADIL?
  20. Eventually, there will be a total of three levels of learning tracks offered, beyond the existing baseline level, which are the intermediate and advance levels. Students are free to choose whichever level suits them better.


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