Wakaf Disbursement

Disbursement from all Wakaf proceeds is overseen by the Wakaf Disbursement Committee (WDC). The WDC makes recommendations on Wakaf disbursement policies and on the amount and allocation of Wakaf funds managed by Muis.

The WDC is chaired by a member of the Muis Council and includes the CEO of Muis. Find out more about the current members of the WDC.

Wakaf Disbursement from Muis-Managed Assets

Every year, Muis disburses Wakaf proceeds to local and overseas causes. The figures for the last five years are below.

Wakaf Disbursement Chart 2021

In 2021, Muis disbursed a total of $4 million in Wakaf proceeds. Of this, $2.9 million were disbursed to local beneficiaries and the remaining funds were channelled to overseas beneficiaries.