Religious Guidance

The development of Wakaf within Islam is a result of various research processes, opinions and discussions (ijtihads) by religious scholars. Unlike other Islamic rituals, no clear guidelines are stated in the Al-Quran and Al-Hadis. Since the founding of Islam, many ijtihads have been issued to ensure that:

  • Wakaf can continue to generate income for its beneficiaries
  • The intent of wakifs can be perpetuated for as long as possible

As the regulator of all Wakaf in Singapore, Muis is obligated to develop and enhance Wakaf assets to promote the socio-religious well-being of Muslims.

Is it permissible for wakaf assets to be redeveloped or migrated?

From an Islamic law or Shariah perspective, there is no objection against the redevelopment or migration of Wakaf assets if there is no breach of religiosity.

Such Wakaf asset redevelopment or migration projects are intended to save the assets from dilapidating and potentially becoming extinct. In this respect, Muis is guided by fatwas issued by the Fatwa Committee, mainly, the Wakaf Properties fatwa which was issued on 28 Oct 1985. The fatwa deliberates the question pertaining Wakaf properties that are no longer earning income.

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