Asset Creation

In land-scarce Singapore, donation of land for Wakaf is not financially viable for the majority of Singaporean Muslims. To sustain the wise legacy of Wakaf left behind by our forefathers, and to ensure that Wakaf creation remains accessible to all Muslims in Singapore, Muis initiated the creation of a cash Wakaf named Wakaf Ilmu in 2012.

Wakaf Ilmu

Wakaf Ilmu was created in response to local madrasahs’ need for sustainable income sources. Some madrasahs were relying on donations for at least 50% of their funding and thus needed a more stable flow of income for their long-term survival.

Through Wakaf Ilmu, cash donations are pooled together to form a corpus (principal amount) and invested in shariah-compliant, capital-guaranteed instruments and properties. The revenue generated helps to supplement and sustain Islamic education in Singapore, providing sustainable and long-term funding for full-time and part-time madrasahs.

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