Role of Mutawalli

Muis as Mutawalli

Muis acts as a mutawalli for two-thirds of Wakafs in Singapore. In 2001, Muis set up an asset endowment company, Warees Investments Pte Ltd, to oversee its Wakaf portfolio. Warees is a wholly owned subsidiary of Muis.

As mutawalli, Muis strives to:

  • Manage the Wakaf fund efficiently and effectively
  • Ensure the growth and diversification of Wakaf assets
  • Maximise the potential of Wakaf properties
  • Continue redeveloping all Wakaf properties in its portfolio
  • Create new Wakafs to finance the needs of the Muslim community
  • Channel the proceeds towards community development
  • Establish Wakaf as the model formula for charitable spending

Private Mutawalli

The remainder one-third of Wakafs is managed by private mutawallis. These mutawallis are mostly relatives or descendants of the late wakifs.

As a wakif, you can apply to Muis for the appointment of a relative or a descendant to manage your Wakaf as a private mutawalli. The appointment of a private mutawalli must be submitted in writing to Muis. It will otherwise be considered void.

The obligations of your private mutawalli include the following:

  • Seeking Muis’ approval before selling or purchasing assets under your Wakaf
  • Submitting annual financial accounting statements to Muis
  • Applying to Muis before retiring or giving up their role as your private mutawalli
  • Attending periodical meetings with Muis on latest developments in the Wakaf sector

To achieve the objective of adding value to the Wakaf asset, we work towards prudent investment to enhance our distributable income. We are currently working with Muis and Warees to not only meet the urgent needs of the community but also, to unlock the huge potential of the Wakaf asset.”

Mutawalli, Wakaf MSE Angullia