Administration of Wakaf in Singapore

Under the Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA), Muis is the custodian of all Wakaf in Singapore. This includes both family and public Wakaf. Muis exercises the right to decide administrative and management matters related to the sale, development and creation of Wakaf assets.

These decisions are made with guidance from the Muis Council, which is made up of religious and community leaders.

Where there are religious issues involved, the matter will be heard in the Fatwa Committee which is led by the Mufti of Singapore.

Regulation of Wakaf sector

Muis is the administrator and regulator of Wakaf in Singapore. This means that it:

  • Registers all Wakaf in Singapore—the validity of a Wakaf is determined by the Fatwa Committee
  • Establishes rules for the administration and management of Wakaf
  • Has the authority to appoint and remove mutawallis
  • Makes amendments to Wakaf-related legislation where necessary

Muis also acts as a mutawalli for the majority of Wakafs in Singapore.