The Programme for RISEAP Members (PRISM) is a 1-week attachment programme for leaders of RISEAP member countries to discuss Muslim minority communities’ approaches to strengthening institutional capabilities and building assets.

The discussion aims to (1) address various lived realities, social contexts and challenges; and (2) provide clear norms, creative ideas and innovative solutions for positive social change ensuring a thriving religious life. Through a deeper study of policy-making, programmes and institutions in Singapore, the programme aims to inspire the strengthening of religious institutions and Muslim minority communities to ensure a thriving religious life for all.

The religious affairs of Muslims in Singapore was shaped and impacted by the 20th and 21st century driving forces of change and development including, post-colonial and post-independence - characterized by modernization, urbanization and globalisation.

With the changing landscape, MUIS was presented with the task of addressing growing and multiplying needs and expectations of the more educated and increasingly diverse Muslim population, a bigger middle class and a widening income differentiation. The programme’s themes seek to examine selected milestone of past MUIS policies – such as innovating models of wakaf management and the evolving role of mosques - which were designed deliberately to allow MUIS to scale itself up across its various functions.

Among the key observations in the success of implemented policies are: (1) MUIS’ ability to earn cumulative trust with the various stakeholders within the community which helps engender requisite buy-in for any change or transformation to take effect; and (2) MUIS’s ability to balance the interests of and also leverage the expertise of a range of players - be it the state, foreign governments, civil society and private operators.


  • Analyse policy issues, challenges and dilemmas faced by MUIS and key institutions (i.e. Islamic authorities, government agencies and community organizations) in administering the socio-religious life of Muslim minorities.

  • Appreciate the various processes involved in the management of context, institutions and programmes for their respective Muslim communities.

  • Apply lessons from best practices from various governance models in the management of Muslim affairs to the respective participants’ own community and system.


5 days


Muis and RISEAP Senior Management and Directors


The programme will consist of lectures, break-out group activities, reflective exercises, plenary discussions and learning journeys.


This programme is for Leaders and Key Appointment Holders with strategic foresight and policy-making roles in socio-religious institutions. Participants to possess moderate to high English speaking, writing and presentation skills.