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மன்னிக்கும் தன்மைக்கு இஸ்லாம் வழங்கும் முக்கியத்துவம்

Mistakes and wrongdoings are reminders that as humans, we are not perfect. But does Allah s.w.t. want us to remain as such? No. In fact, Allah s.w.t. wants the shortcomings that caused one to make mistakes, to be replaced by good deeds. Allah wants mistakes to be mended and corrected. He wants hurt to be permanently removed. The way to make up for our shortcomings and imperfections is through forgiving. Forgiveness is therefore a sacred act. It originates from Allah s.w.t., taught and exemplified by Allah himself, for He is most generous with His forgiveness toward His creations. Therefore as Muslims, forgiveness is not a strange concept. We often seek forgiveness from one another, especially during festive seasons. This is a very important practice in life, and not just a seasonal practice. When we choose to forgive, we have managed to overcome our emotions and control our desires. In a sense, we have obtained victory over our own nafs, which is also the objective we seek to achieve through the many acts of worship we are recommended to perform. To forgive is not the same as being weak. In fact, forgiveness reflects strength. Because when you forgive, you are able to control your feelings and anger, which is the most difficult human desire to overcome.