Consistency in Having Taqwa in Allah

  • Every Friday, without fail, we continuously ask that Allah s.w.t. fortifies our taqwa and protects our faith. We do so because we acknowledge that we are mere servants of Allah who have many weaknesses.
  • The true strength of our iman and taqwa are only revealed when we are away from the sight of others. If we are truly sincere in our taqwa, we will stay away from misdeeds and sins whether we are in the company of others or otherwise. This is the istiqamah, or consistency, that we want to achieve.
  • Ensuring that we continue to have taqwa when our desires are tempting us to commit sins, in situations when others cannot see us, is definitely a challenge. Hence, we need to ensure that we are constantly in remembrance of Allah s.w.t. when we are alone and feel the urge to perform sinful acts. As Muslims, we have been taught to quickly remember Allah whenever we feel tempted to entertain our wayward desires. May Allah place us among those who are istiqamah in having taqwa in Him.