Protecting Ourselves from Deviant Teachings

  • Knowledge helps us to comprehend the religion, in line with what Allah and His Messenger ask of us. Knowledge provides us guidance to ensure that the acts of worship that we perform are in accordance with the teachings of our Prophet (s.a.w.).



  • Our faith has long established that no one has the knowledge of the unknown except Allah. And after the passing of our Prophet (s.a.w.), no human can claim that he received revelation from Allah (s.w.t.).



  • The teachings of Islam are complete in terms of faith, acts of worship, good conduct as well as the Islamic principles. The Prophet (s.a.w.) left us clear guidance. Nothing is hidden or kept secret in this religion. The guidelines on how to be closer to Allah and attain His blessings – including acts of worship to increase our faith – have been provided. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every Muslim to ensure that the religious teachings that we receive are valid and correct.