Contemplating The Name of Allah: Al-Barr

  • While we acknowledge the bounty and blessings of Allah, we do not deny that there are also obstacles in this life. At times, we may be tested with several challenges. However, as a believer, we are certain that everything decreed by our Creator, al-Barr, will have wisdom behind it.



  • Once we have understood and appreciate the beauty behind His name al-Barr, we would be able to have positive assumptions of Allah. He is the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate, and He would surely want the best for His servants.



  • Nonetheless, Allah (s.w.t.) who is al-Barr continues to grant us His bounty in abundance. An example in recent times would be how despite the restrictions and limitations put in place, we are seeing measures being progressively eased. Our mosques in Singapore are gradually opening more spaces for Friday prayers as compared to the past.