Ramadan: The Month of Returning to Fitrah

  • As people of faith, surely our hearts must have felt the warmth of Ramadan. Surely, we must have experienced its charm and joy. Surely, we must have been humbled by its greatness. Ramadan has extended to us peace amidst these uncertain times.



  • Therefore, let us make full use of this opportunity. Let us fill these last few moments with the remembrance of Allah. Do not be among those who lose sight of their ‘ibadah towards the end of Ramadan, lest our efforts throughout the last few weeks go to waste. Instead, let us spend this time to supplicate to Allah and seek His forgiveness.



  • These are all important questions we must ponder upon nearing the end of Ramadan, so that we may return to the pure state of fitrah upon which Allah s.w.t. has created us. We must look closely at how we have spent our Ramadan and what we have achieved since it began, so that we can improve on our shortcomings. Yes, there is not much time left, but it is enough for us to make one last effort to achieve a blessed end to our Ramadan.