Eidulfitri Sermon: Islam Respects Local Culture

  • In encouraging us to celebrate eid or Hari Raya with festiveness, Islam did not set a particular way in celebrating this day. As long as it meets the basic religious guidelines and good ethics are observed, then it is allowed. Every race has its own customs and culture. The Arabs have their own customs and their culture. Likewise, the Malays, Indians and Chinese also have their own customs and cultures.
  • The desire to live a more Islamic lifestyle is a positive development. It symbolizes one’s spiritual and religious commitment, and one’s constant strive towards God’s pleasure and blessings. However, being Islamic does not mean that we should abandon our customs and cultures which do not run contrary to Islamic principles. We need to take note that as long as there is no explicit prohibition in the religion of a particular culture or practice, then such practise is allowed in Islam.
  • What gives glory to religion and society are true understanding, comprehension, knowledge, determination, good character, clear objectives and togetherness. These are the values that should be part of our culture and identity.