Etiquette of Visiting Relatives

  • Usually in the month of Syawal, we will visit the homes of one another. This admirable tradition is important in our culture as it brings benefits to individuals, particularly by leaving a positive impact in their social life. In fact, this tradition of visiting our relatives during Hari Raya is a way for us to gain the pleasure of Allah (s.w.t.).
  • The verse 27 in Surah An-Nur provides us with a very important guideline when it comes to visiting our relatives (or friends). Although it emphasises the importance of asking for permission before visiting others, let us ponder upon a specific word mentioned in this verse. The word "Al-Uns" as mentioned in the verse refers to the host being happy with the arrival of guests. Allah (s.w.t.) forbids us from visiting those who do not welcome the presence of guests in their homes.