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ஆண்டின் இறுதியில் சுய பரிசோதனை செய்து கொள்வதன் அவசியம்

  • Now the year is ending, leaving behind all sorts of memories, challenges that tested our character, and also many questions that may have been left unanswered and without any clear solution in mind. Despite all these, true believers will continue to strive and remain resilient, and continue to spread noble values in whatever circumstances they are in.
  • Let us take some time on this last Friday of the year, to reflect upon ourselves and learn not to repeat our past mistakes and improve on our shortcomings. At the same time, look ahead with strength and a deep sense of resolute, to continue to do our best for the religion, the community and the country, even though the time given to us is limited.
  • As Muslims, the best way for us to reflect upon ourselves (muhasabah) is by strengthening our relationship with Allah. This can be done in stages:
    1. Reflect upon our “personal files” on our obligatory ritual acts as commanded by our religion. If there are any shortcomings, then we should hasten to improve upon them, and perfect these acts, or hasten to do other good deeds as kaffarah to cover these shortcomings.
    2. To reflect upon all the sins and mistakes we have done, whether intentionally or unintentionally, openly or in secret. Waste no time in making taubah (repentance) and istighfar to Allah.
    3. Looking back at the time we have been blessed with, how have we spent our time on this earth. May the blessing of time that was gifted to us in this earthly life be spent in the service of goodness and welfare that will bring prosperity to society.