The Spirit of Helping One Another

  • Surely all of us want the best for ourselves; therefore, we must also strive to give the best to others. As Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. once mentioned in a hadith which means, “No one of you shall become a (true) believer until he desires for his brother what he desires for himself.” [Hadith reported by Imam Bukhari]



  • When we strive to observe all the necessary guidelines and preventive measures, we are not only preserving our own safety, but we are also establishing a safe and calm environment for our fellow congregants in the mosque. This is our collective effort to ensure our mosques remain safe for everyone to visit and perform acts of worship.



  • Let us allow our brothers the same opportunity so that they can also perform Friday prayers soon. May Allah s.w.t. be pleased with us and shower us with His love and mercy for sharing the blessing of being able to perform acts of worship in the mosque.