A Safe and Meaningful Ramadan

  • Ramadan last year impacted us greatly. Even though we could not go to the mosque, our bond with our families were strengthened. As a community, we went through all the hardships together, with perseverance, with fortitude, and with patience. Alhamdulillah, the situation has improved in Singapore, although the risks are still present. We reopened our mosques and restarted our activities of worship, preaching and religious education in stages. Now, more of these activities can be resumed.



  • However, having said that, if we are not able to get the chance to go to the mosque, let us not feel that we are losing out. We should be grateful for those who do get the chance to go to the mosque. And if we are given that opportunity, we should also make prayers that others will also be given the same opportunity. This is because we believe that no matter where we perform our worship, Allah is the Most Listening, and He readily accepts. Our spirituality is not limited to a certain place or a certain building, instead, it is when our hearts are connected to Him. We should therefore continue our good deeds together with our family at home.



  • Let us continue to seek knowledge as part of our preparation for this Ramadan and throughout the whole month. If we do not get the opportunity to gain knowledge physically in mosques and educational centres, continue to attend the many programmes which are available online. Alhamdulillah, there are many programmes that have been prepared and provided online. Additionally, we need to take this opportunity before the month of Ramadan, to increase our knowledge or to revise on how to perform tarawih and qiyamullail prayers.